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BWE Wall Mount Brass Thermostatic Mixing Valve Temperature Control Valve Black


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Features: When you set the temperature, the thermostatic mixer into the outlet by adjusting the proportion of hot and cold water, the effluent temperature is always constant, in a very short period of time will automatically balance the cold and hot water pressure to maintain water temperature stable, eliminating the need for manual adjustment. Saving water, convenient and safe.
This premium quality shower valve is checked for excellence in components and build quality, good design, easy installation and maintenance. It incorporates premium safety features and is designed to work effectively at high water pressures.
For suspended shower, just turn off the flow switch, hot and cold water will not turn the clock back and re-opens, the water is still the original set temperature.
Security parameter: If cold water were not in supply, the water yield would be automatically reduced to 1.9L/Min in very first 5 seconds, outflow volume<150ML, outlet temperature< 49¡ãC
Due to the complex structure of thermostatic mixer, with a special filter with the gasket, install the water inlet, the cleaning is simple, but also extend the life of a thermostatic valve.